Research Scientist
Visual Computing Lab
Harvard University

Science and Engineering Complex, SEC 2.419
150 Western Ave
Boston, MA 02134

jbeyer (AT)




Spring: CS 271 - Topics in Data Visualization
Fall: CS 171 - Visualization


IEEE Visualization 2022 - Visualization Design Sprints for Online and On-Campus Courses.

Eurovis 2022 State of The Art Report - "A Survey of Visualization and Analysis in High-Resolution Connectomics". Slides

Bio+Med+Vis Spring School 2021 Website

VisActivities: IEEE VIS Workshop on Data Vis Activities to Facilitate Learning, Reflecting, Discussing, and Designing - Design Sprints for Online and On-Campus Visualization Courses.

Siggraph Asia 2018 course on GPU-Based Large-Scale Scientific Visualization

Pedagogy of Data Visualization Workshop - Teaching Visualization for Large and Diverse Classes on Campus and Online.

Eurovis 2014 State of The Art Report - "A Survey of GPU-Based Large-Scale Volume Visualization". Slides

Siggraph Asia 2013 course on GPU-Based Large-Scale Visualization