Research Scientist
Visual Computing Lab
Harvard University

Science and Engineering Complex, SEC 2.419
150 Western Ave
Boston, MA 02134

jbeyer (AT)

Selected Publications

Barrio: Customizable Spatial Neighborhood Analysis and Comparison for Nanoscale Brain Structures
J. Troidl, C. Calì, E. Gröller, H. Pfister, M. Hadwiger, J. Beyer
Computer Graphics Forum (Eurovis '22).

A Survey of Visualization and Analysis in High-Resolution Connectomics
J. Beyer*, J. Troidl*, S. Boorboor, M. Hadwiger, A. Kaufman, H. Pfister
Computer Graphics Forum (Eurovis '22).

Labeling Out-of-View Objects in Immersive Analytics to Support Situated Visual Searching
T. Lin, Y. Yang, J. Beyer, H. Pfister
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 2021.

GenNI: Human-AI Collaboration for Data-Backed Text Generation
H. Strobelt, J. Kinley, R. Krueger, J. Beyer, H. Pfister, A. M. Rush
IEEE Vis 2021.

Visualization Design Sprints for Online and On-Campus Courses
J. Beyer, Y. Yang, H. Pfister
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications 2021.

VICE: Visual Identification and Correction of Neural Circuit Errors
F. Gonda, X. Wang, J. Beyer, M. Hadwiger, J.W. Lichtman, H. Pfister
Eurovis 2021.

Towards an Understanding of Situated AR Visualization for Basketball Free-Throw Training
T. Lin, R. Singh, Y. Yang, C. Nobre, J. Beyer, M.A. Smith, H. Pfister
ACM CHI 2021. (Honorable Mention Award, top 5%)

Objective Observer-Relative Flow Visualization in Curved Spaces for Unsteady 2D Geophysical Flows
P. Rautek, M. Mlejnek, J. Beyer, J. Troidl, H. Pfister, T. Theußl, M. Hadwiger
IEEE SciVis 2020. (Best Paper Award)

Embodied Navigation in Immersive Abstract Data Visualization: Is Overview+Detail or Zooming Better for 3D Scatterplots?
Y. Yang, M. Cordeil, J. Beyer, T. Dwyer, K. Marriott, H. Pfister
IEEE InfoVis 2020

TimeTubesX: A Query-Driven Visual Exploration of Observable, Photometric, and Polarimetric Behaviors of Blazars.
N. Sawada, M. Uemura, J. Beyer, H. Pfister, I. Fujishiro
Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2020

SportsXR – Immersive Analytics in Sports
T. Lin, Y. Yang, J. Beyer, H. Pfister
4th Workshop on Immersive Analytics: Envisioning Future Productivity for Immersive Analytics (at ACM CHI), 2020

Facetto: Combining Unsupervised and Supervised Learning for Hierarchical Phenotype Analysis in Multi-Channel Image Data
R. Krueger, J. Beyer, W.-D. Jang, N. W. Kim, A. Sokolov, P. K. Sorger, H. Pfister
IEEE Vast, 2019

SAX Navigator: Time Series Exploration through Hierarchical Clustering
N. Ruta, N. Sawada, K. McKeough, M. Behrisch, J. Beyer
IEEE Vis Short Paper, 2019

TexTiles: Exploring Patterns in Historical Discourse
R. Roessler, C. Kelly, M. Behrisch, J. Beyer
4th Workshop on Visualization for the Digital Humanities (at IEEE Vis '19), 2019

CHAMPVis: Comparative Hierarchical Analysis of Microarchitectural Performance
L. Pentecost, U. Gupta, E. Ngan, J. Beyer, G.-Y. Wei, D. Brooks, M. Behrisch
Workshop on Programming and Performance Visualization Tools (ProTools), 2019

Culling for Extreme-Scale Segmentation Volumes: A Hybrid Deterministic and Probabilistic Approach
J. Beyer, H. Mohammed, M. Agus, A. Al-Awami, H. Pfister, M. Hadwiger
IEEE SciVis, 2018
Abstractocyte: A Visual Tool for Exploring Nanoscale Astroglial Cells
H. Mohammed, A. Al-Awami, J. Beyer, C. Calì, P. Magistretti, H. Pfister, M. Hadwiger
IEEE SciVis, 2017
SparseLeap: Efficient Empty Space Skipping for Large-Scale Volume Rendering
M. Hadwiger, A. Al-Awami, J. Beyer, M. Agus, H. Pfister
IEEE SciVis, 2017
The Hologram in My Hand: How Effective is Interactive Exploration of 3D Visualizations in Immersive Tangible Augmented Reality?
B. Bach, R. Sicat, J. Beyer, M. Cordeil, H. Pfister
IEEE InfoVis, 2017
Scalable Interactive Visualization for Connectomics
D. Haehn, J. Hoffer, B. Matejek, A. Suissa-Peleg, Ali. K. Al-Awami, L. Kementsky, F. Gonda, E. Meng, W. Zhang, R. Schalek, A. Wilson, T. Parag, J. Beyer, V. Kaynig, T. R. Jones, J. Tompkin, M. Hadwiger, J. W. Lichtman, and H. Pfister
Informatics, 2017
NeuroBlocks - Visual Tracking of Segmentation and Proofreading for Large Connectomics Projects
A. Al-Awami, J. Beyer, D. Haehn, N. Kasthuri, J.W. Lichtman, H. Pfister, M. Hadwiger
IEEE SciVis, 2015
State-of-the-Art and Survey of GPU-Based Large-Scale Volume Visualization
J. Beyer, M. Hadwiger, H. Pfister
Computer Graphics Forum, 2015
NeuroLines: A Subway Map Metaphor for Visualizing Nanoscale Neuronal Connectivity
A. Al-Awami, J. Beyer, H. Strobelt, N. Kasthuri, J.W. Lichtman, H. Pfister, M. Hadwiger
IEEE InfoVis, 2014 (Honorable Mention Best Paper Award)
Design and Evaluation of Interactive Proofreading Tools for Connectomics
D. Haehn, S. Knowles-Barley, M. Roberts, J. Beyer, N. Kasthuri, J.W. Lichtman, H. Pfister
IEEE SciVis, 2014
ConnectomeExplorer: Query-Guided Visual Analysis of Large Volumetric Neuroscience Data
J. Beyer, A. Al-Awami, N. Kasthuri, J.W. Lichtman, H. Pfister, M. Hadwiger
IEEE SciVis, 2013
Exploring the Connectome - Petascale Volume Visualization of Microscopy Data Streams
J. Beyer, M. Hadwiger, A. Al-Awami, W. Jeong, N. Kasthuri, J.W. Lichtman, H. Pfister
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 2013
Sparse PDF Maps for Non-Linear Multi-Resolution Image Operations
M. Hadwiger, R. Sicat, J. Beyer, J. Krueger, T. Möller
Siggraph Asia, 2012
Interactive Volume Exploration of Petascale Microscopy Data Streams Using a Visualization-Driven Virtual Memory Approach
M. Hadwiger, J. Beyer, W. Jeong, H. Pfister
IEEE SciVis, 2012 (Honorable Mention Best Paper)
Interactive Seismic Interpretation with Piecewise Global Energy Minimization
T. Höllt, F. Gschwantner, P. Muigg, H. Doleisch, G. Heinemann, M. Hadwiger
IEEE PacificVis, 2011
SSECRETT and NeuroTrace: Interactive Visualization and Analysis Tools for Large-Scale Neuroscience Datasets
W. Jeong, J. Beyer, M. Hadwiger, R. Blue, Ch. Law, A. Vazquez, C. Reid, J.W. Lichtman, H. Pfister
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 2010
Scalable and Interactive Segmentation and Visualization of Neural Processes in EM Datasets
W. Jeong, J. Beyer, M. Hadwiger, A. Vazquez, H. Pfister, R. Whitaker
IEEE Vis, 2009
Smooth Mixed-Resolution GPU Volume Rendering
J. Beyer, M. Hadwiger, T. Möller, L. Fritz
IEEE International Symposium on Volume and Point-Based Graphics, 2008
High-Quality Multimodal Volume Rendering for Preoperative Planning of Neurosurgical Interventions
J. Beyer, M. Hadwiger, S. Wolfsberger, K. Buehler
IEEE Vis, 2007 (Best Applications Paper Award)